Wound Care

Do you have a chronic wound that has been making you uncomfortable for too long? Is your injury non-responsive to other standard treatments? Stillwater Wound Care may be the right treatment option for you!

Enjoy one simple source where you will be treated by board certified surgeons who consider your whole health. Properly treating your wound also includes:

  • Assessing your nutrition status.
  • Checking for any other disease processes that may be happening in your body.
  • Addressing any areas of infection.
  • Testing for blood flow to the wound and more.

The expert care you receive from friendly, knowledgeable professionals includes careful diagnosis and testing. When appropriate, your health care team may use the state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber, negative pressure wound vacuum, clinical debridements, skin grafts for your ulcers, burns and other festering wounds.

Count on Stillwater Medical Center’s wound care experts to comprehensively assess your wounds and provide the best treatment options for your faster healing.

While primary care physicians or the emergency room refer many wound care patients, a referral is not required. You may call and schedule an appointment at (405) 742-5888. The wound care clinic is in Suite 102 in the Medical Office Building on the East edge of Stillwater Medical Center.

Click here to read a recent Stillwater Medical Center Wound Care patient’s testimonial

“I was treated so well by everyone who addressed my issue. It was like a one stop shop, and they were so thorough with the approach they took to my treatment. They identified a blockage and other factors that were compromising my healing and were able to address not just the symptoms but the causes. I was able to go right there within the walls of the hospital to have lab work and additional testing and then get right back to the surgeon on my case.”